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Case: Helping a Dutch bank improve ESG risk management

Discover how RiskSphere contributed to an improved (ESG) data management framework, adding to a solid framework for managing risk and finance data.

Henk-Jelle Reitsma | RiskSphere
Henk-Jelle Reitsma

The client

One of our clients, a Dutch promotional bank, continually aims to increase the already high effectiveness of its data management framework. They asked RiskSphere to assist in building several deliverables to create a comprehensive overview of requirements and corresponding action points.

The challenge

Our client is one of the largest banks in the Netherlands by balance sheet size. As a promotional bank, it has a specific role in executing the public agenda. The bank typically engages in long-term relationships with clients who need capital-intensive, long-term financing under the most favorable conditions (including pricing).

As a D-SIB, our client must comply with all applicable regulations, including data management guidelines such as BCBS239. The bank aimed to improve its data management framework and identify opportunities for continuous improvement. This is to meet its own high standards and to provide input for the regular supervisory dialogue.

The approach and the solution

RiskSphere contributed to three distinct but interrelated key deliverables. Firstly, we conducted a complex mapping of data management requirements from both internal and external sources, including regulatory ones. This led to a clear and comprehensive roadmap of existing and new improvement points, which were made SMART and actionable. Finally, a number of these action points were immediately addressed in the redevelopment of the existing Data Management Framework policy.

Additionally, RiskSphere created a discussion starter on the possible future convergence of BCBS239 requirements and the sustainability domain. Generally, improving the effectiveness of the data management framework will always benefit the management of ESG data as a category.

"We are proud to have helped our client by designing and implementing a comprehensive approach to data management, investigating risks and opportunities, and including a perspective on ESG data management for the future."

Henk-Jelle Reitsma | RiskSphere
Henk-Jelle Reitsma

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