Sustainability project and change management

A lack of implementation capacity and capability can slow the shift from ESG strategy to execution. Our team of highly skilled project, program, and change managers will assist you in driving the execution of strategic changes and achieving compliance.

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How we help

We use industry-leading project management methodologies to plan and implement sustainability and ESG risk management initiatives and ensure their delivery – on time, within budget, and with the desired outcomes. Using effective change management techniques, we also ensure that sustainability initiatives are integrated into existing business processes and are supported by stakeholders across the organisation.

Our clients trust us to work closely with them to understand their business objectives, stakeholder expectations and existing sustainability frameworks.

  • We add capacity and knowledge to project and change management teams
  • We create and deliver on sustainability risk roadmaps
  • We create oversight of expectations and actions
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Project and change management

An effective sustainability project management process should include a clear understanding of the company’s sustainability objectives, stakeholder expectations, and existing business processes. It should also encompass effective communication and engagement with stakeholders to ensure buy-in and support for sustainability initiatives. 

What we’ll do for you: 

  • Review existing project plans to ensure scope, planning, and benefits are fit-for-purpose 
  • Clear communication and engagement throughout the project 
  • Implement a strong sustainability strategy that contributes to compliance 

Let us do the heavy lifting

Our consultants are here to support you in the transfer from strategy to execution. Contact us for more information.

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